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Mt. Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club

March 2007 Newsletter

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March 2007 Newsletter





Mt. Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club





PRESENT: Sheila B., Patti B., Sue G., Alice J., Larry J., Glenn L., Diane K., Deb M., Brenda Y.

Meeting started at 6:53 pm

Moved to approve minutes of the last meeting (2/7/07):  1st  - Brenda Y.  2nd – Deb M.  CARRIED.

Report of Secretary:  None

Report of Treasurer:  None (see General Meeting minutes)


Agility Committee:  Glenn L. announced that we now have a new double jump and panel jump.

Tale-Waggers™ Committee:  None

Building & Grounds Committee:  None

Building Use Committee:  None

Constitution Bylaws Committee:  None

Communications Committee:  Sue G. has received a communication from AKC regarding interest in an AKC International Obedience Invitational.  The Board voted that it supports the development of this activity.

Sue G. received a communication from AKC regarding the requirement of 2 exercise pens at shows.  The information has been given to Dawn Staffen.

Financial Committee/Insurance Committee:  None

Membership Committee:  None

Obedience/Training Committee:  Spring classes will begin the week of April 9.

Programs:  We continue to look for a program chair.  It was suggested that we ask Brenda Aloff to come do a program.  Brenda Y. will contact her.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Diane K. announced that we will hold an Open House on April 4 at 6 pm at the building, open to the public.  Nine or ten different events will be held, and the public will be invited to come and see the kinds of things we do.  It was suggested that we offer dog toys to the first 25 people attending.  


MATCH BUSINESS:  Amanda Chrzanowski is chairing the match.



Adjourned at 7:29 pm. 1s t  Brenda Y.  2nd Deb M.  CARRIED.








PRESENT: Sheila Beutler, Patti Branch, Linda Dobbrastine, Ricky Fox, Sue Gamble, Eric Gaw, Sandy Halasz, Belinda Hetzman, Alice Jenicke, Larry Jenicke, Diane Kovacs, Glenn Laffy, Lori Lickly, Andrea Mata, Doreen Messner, Cindy Mikula, Amanda Moran, Cathy Pearson, Lori Peznowski, Jessica Piccolo, Lindy Sowmick, Susan Sowmick, Dawn Staffen, Samantha Van Horn, Brenda Young, Lisa Ziuraitis.


Meeting started at 7:42 pm.


MINUTES: Moved to approve minutes of the last meeting (2/7/07):  1st  - Glenn L.  2nd – Brenda Y. CARRIED.






REPORT OF THE TREASURER:  Alice J. made the following monthly report:

Checking - $1018.04

Savings - $4617.27

Coyne Oil Deposit - -$92.31

TOTAL - $5543.00



Agility Committee:  Glenn L. announced that we have 2 new jumps that were acquired through the use of Eukanuba coupons.  The committee will put in orders for a couple more items (also through the coupon program).

Building and Grounds:  Lori L. announced that she came to the building one day and found that the heat had been turned off (during one of the cold spells).  Please do not turn the heat off after using the building.  In the summer, however, please turn the air conditioning off when leaving the building.  Larry J. will put a note up by the thermostat as a reminder.

Building Use Committee:   None

Communications:  We received a very nice thank you note from Dawn Henderson for the emails, calls, plant and cards sent to her after Murphy’s passing.

Sue G. announced that the Tri Cities Dog Training Club has sent information (flyers at the building) regarding their classes, and AKC CGC course followed by the CGC test (3/20 and 3/27) and a Rally Match (3/13).  FMI, contact Sue Gamble at 772-4663 or or go to the building to see the flyers.

See Board Minutes for additional communications.

Constitution/Bylaws Committee:  None

Financial Committee:  None

Membership Committee:   None

Obedience:  Classes begin the week of April 9.

Reminder:  A CGC test will be held the week after classes end (Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 7:00 pm).  The cost will be $5.00/dog.

Programs:   See Board Minutes.

Tale-Waggers™:  Brenda Y. announced that we’re hoping to do an event at the new Alma library in May.


ANNOUNCE NEW MEMBERS FROM LAST MONTH:  A second reading was done for Lisa Ziuraitis and a vote was taken by secret ballot.  Results:  23 Yes, 1 Abstain.  Congratulations, Lisa, and welcome to the club!  Lisa owns 4 dogs:  Bear, a Rottweiler/German Shepherd Dog mix, Daytona, a Labrador Retriever, Captain Jack Sparrow, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and River Phoenix, a Boxer and is interested in agility, fly ball, obedience, rally and therapy dogs.  Her full information is included on the 2007 membership list.




UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Diane K. announced the Open House to be held on April 4 (see Board Minutes).  It was suggested that members wear their MPMKC sweatshirts or polo shirts for the event.  Deb M. volunteered to produce flyers for the event.  If the weather is good, we can do some events outside.  We decided we should put an ad in the newspaper and on tv in Clare and Alma.


NEW BUSINESS:  A motion was made (Doreen M./Diane K.) that dogs need to be on leash in the building from 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after regularly scheduled meetings.  CARRIED.


MATCH BUSINESS:   See Board Minutes.


SHOW BUSINESS:  Dawn S. announced that all events have been approved by AKC.

It was announced that some club members will do Freestyle demonstrations at the shows.


BRAGS:   Glenn Laffy’s Beagle, Rudy, earned his Novice Fast Agility title in Dexter in February with 2 second place finishes.

Samantha VanHorn has a new puppy, a Labrador Retriever named Mid-Night.  He’s 9 weeks old.

Patti Branch’s Golden Retriever Schoolhouse A, Bee, C’s (“Sting”) was WB/BOW/BOS at Cobo Hall on 3/3/07 and Reserve 3/4/07.

Patti Branch’s fiance, Dick Caldwell’s Golden Retriever bitch, “Pepper” was BOS at Westminster Kennel Club.

Sheila Beutler’s Bedlington Terrier “Rumor” (Ch. Kaylynn’s Ringside Chatter) took BOS handled by Renee Beutler at Westminster Kennel Club on February 12, 2007.

Sheila Beutler’s Bedlington Terrier “EZ” (Ch. Kaylynn’s Made In The Shade) won a JAM on February 12, 2007 at Westminster Kennel Club, handled by Sheila.

Sheila Beutler’s Bedlington Terrier EZ won BOB on March 2, 2007 at the Terrier Breeders of MI at Cobo Hall, and on March 3, 2007, Rumor won BOB.

Elyse Beutler won Best Junior Handler at Cobo Hall on March 2, 2007.

Andrea Mata’s Bernese Mountain Dog “Rucker” celebrated her 10th birthday on March 5th and a week prior at Sportsman’s Obedience in Detroit finished her Rally Excellent title.

Dawn Staffen’s Newfoundland BISS Ch. Pouch Cove Antares Holokai OZ, DD “Ruby” went 1st Veteran Bitch and 2nd Veteran Bitch Sweeps on March 2, 2007 at the North Central Newfoundland Club Regional Specialty, and she went 1st Veteran Bitch, 2nd Veteran Bitch Sweeps and a JAM on March 3, 2007 at the North Central Newfoundland Club Regional Specialty.  She is owned by Dawn Staffen and Barbara Jenness and handled with love by Danielle (Staffen) Long.

Sue Gamble’s Golden Retriever “Derby” (Icamani Northern Dancer) was rated an OFA “good” on his hips and a “normal” on his elbows.




Thank you to Alice and Larry J. for the snacks/drinks.


Show and Go volunteers for March 21:  Diane Kovacs, Andrea Mata, Sherrie Start


Snacks/Drinks volunteers for April 4:  Sheila Beutler, Brenda Young


Motion to adjourn meeting at  8:34 pm (Patti B../Diane K.).  CARRIED.

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